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2024 Apricot 1 - 18k Apricot Piayo + Money Magnet Oil + Lucky Red String Bracelet Lucky Charm

2024 Apricot 1 - 18k Apricot Piayo + Money Magnet Oil + Lucky Red String Bracelet Lucky Charm

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Apricot 1 Set

1x 18k Apricot Piyao
1x Money Magnet Essential Oil
1x Tibetan Lucky Red String

Piyao will bring good luck and fortune. It strengthens the wearer’s ability to attract positive energy and ward off negative influences. Produces of good fengshui, attracts wealth and prosperity, safeguards the home and residents in it. Exterminates evil, adversities and obstacles from accidents from travel.
Wear it on your left hand.
Make sure the head is outward (little finger direction).
Touch it frequently.
Wear it longer for the first time.
Do not allow others to touch it, cleanse with Money Magnet Oil or running water.
Avoid wearing with too many other jewelries.

Money Magnet Essential Oil blend helps you to clear emotional patterns which get in the way of receiving. It contains pure essential oils which stimulate abundance on a vibration level. It also helps repattern emotions around abundance. Money Magnet Oil also help the mind expand to see new possibilities, realize dreams and goals, and exercise creative manifestation.
Money Magnet Oil also eliminates negative emotions around money while attracting more!

TIBETAN LUCKY RED STRING BRACELET Attract goodluck, calmness and success. Helps you to keep your thoughts on focusing only on the positive sides. Can bring Good Fortunes and Opportunities especially in Business and Career.
√ Improves Energy and Strength
√ Stress Reduction 
√ Mental Alertness
√ Has Sleeping Benefits
√ Bring Good Fortune and Good Mantra

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