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Authentic Jaded Piyao

Authentic Jaded Piyao

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JADE: for overall luck and success in business 

PIYAO: Brings good fortune and good things. Produces of good fengshui, attracts wealth and prosperity, safeguards the home and residents in it. Exterminates evil, adversities and obstacles from accidents from travel. 

CITRINE: promotes success, prosperity and abundance

MANTRA: for prayer, energy, wishes, protection, to bring a lot of good look to the wearer as well as protection from natural calamities, accidents and evil spirits. It’s also believed to bring profound love and peaceful energy, good health and good news into your life.

Wear it on your left hand.
Make sure the head is outward (little finger direction).
Touch it frequently.
Wear it longer for the first time.
Do not allow others to touch it, cleanse with Money Magnet Oil or running water.
Avoid wearing with too many other jewelries.


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